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Our company leadership is built on over 60 years of long term care pharmacy experience. We realize there is a need for personalized service and quality healthcare. Our mission is to provide you with exceptional service at an excellent value. We are local and independently owned which allows us to make decisions swiftly without having to answer to shareholders.


David Rombro, RPh.

Chief Executive Officer

With 33 years of LTC pharmacy experience, David provides executive leadership and oversight for the direction and strategy of operations, sales, customer support, and consulting. Prior to joining Polaris Pharmacy Services, David served as General Manager for Omnicare of South Florida overseeing the LTC pharmacy serving 18,000 nursing home and ALF residents with annual revenues of $120,000,000. Before that, he was the CEO and founder of First Choice Pharmacy Services which serviced 5,000 ALF and nursing home residents and PrimeMed Pharmacy Services with revenues of $97,000,000. David holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Pharmacy from the University of Maryland.

Steve Baker, RPh.

Chief Operating Officer

With 23 years of LTC pharmacy operations experience, Steve provides executive leadership and oversight for the operational management and deployment of Polaris Pharmacy Services’ innovative products. He further manages the overall customer experience, assuring that customer expectations are met. Prior to joining Polaris Pharmacy Services, Steve served as Vice President of Operations for Omnicare, Inc. overseeing 17 LTC pharmacies with annual revenues of $700,000,000 consisting of 110,000 serviced beds and before that he was President, Pharmacy Division for Advanced Pharmacy. Steve holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Pharmacy from the Medical College of Virginia.

Todd Zisek, RPh.

Executive VP of Operations

With 19 years of LTC pharmacy operations experience, Todd provides executive leadership and oversight over internal pharmacy operations, compliance, streamlining workflow, and improving the final end product for our customers. He is also responsible for pharmacy automation, administration of pharmacy software, and IT integrations including e-MAR interfaces. Prior to joining Polaris Pharmacy Services, Todd served as Regional Area Director for Omnicare, Inc. overseeing 6 LTC pharmacies with annual revenues of $400,000,000 consisting of 60,000 serviced beds. Prior to that, Todd held Hub and General Manager roles with Omnicare and before that he was a lead pharmacist for Continuing Care Rx. Todd holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Pharmacy from the University of Pittsburgh.

Nick Grujich

Chief Financial Officer

With nearly 30 years’ experience in pharmacy and related healthcare services, Nick provides executive leadership, oversight, and has overall accountability for all financial reporting (both archival and operational), audit and compliance, planning (budgeting), treasury, capital structure, and human resources operations. Nick joined Polaris in October of 2019. Prior to joining the company, Nick has served in various executive and officer leadership roles within the healthcare arena for publicly and privately held companies in both the for-profit and not-for profit sectors. The various organizations ranged in revenues from multi-million to multi-billion. Nick holds a Bachelor of Science in Business and Accounting from La Roche University.

Jeremy Eisenberger

Vice President of Business Operations

In this role, Jeremy provides executive leadership and oversight for developing and implementing our pharmacy’s strategic services. With over a decade of LTC pharmacy experience, Jeremy is focused on ensuring that Polaris Pharmacy Services is the premier pharmacy provider to the LTC community. Prior to joining Polaris Pharmacy Services, Jeremy worked as both a Corporate Liaison and Regional Director of Operations for RXPERTS Pharmacy Services. Jeremy oversaw the operations of their 2 Florida pharmacies servicing approximately 10,000 beds and over $50,000,000 in revenue. Additionally, he was responsible for all Medicare and Medicaid contract compliance for 5 LTC pharmacy locations in multiple states. Jeremy holds a Bachelor degree in Business from Yeshiva University and is a Florida Registered Pharmacy Technician.

Jeff Wilkes

Vice President of Sales

With 18 years of LTC pharmacy sales and contracting experience, Jeff provides leadership in developing and implementing sales growth strategies, contract negotiations, account retention, and management of the organic sales process across all markets. Prior to joining Polaris Pharmacy Services, Jeff served as National Director of Sales for RXPERTS Pharmacy Services and was responsible for growth and expansion across six states, servicing over 12,000 LTC beds generating $75,000,000 in annual revenue. Prior to that, Jeff worked at NeighborCare Pharmacy as Senior Territory Manager in Florida. Jeff holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Health Services Administration from Barry University and an MBA with a focus on Health Care Administration from Strayer University.

Polarix Academy

Continuing Education at the facility level with our Customer Care Reps, Nurse Consultants, and Consultant Pharmacists as well as Bi-Monthly Webinars sent via email and through Polaris Academy our online portal, www.polarisrxacademy.com



Our Client Services team provides Continuing Education at the facility level. Schedule education with your Consultant Pharmacist, Nurse Consultant, or Customer Care Rep. Sessions are 1 – hour and are approved for 1 CE.



Bi-monthly 1- hour webinars available to facility staff. Notifications are sent twice a month via email updating facility staff of the most pressing issues affecting long term care. All webinars are approved for 1 CE through the national boards. NAB (National Association of Nursing Home Administrators) and NEMSD (Approved provider for National Nursing Association CEs)



Through Polaris Academy our online portal, www.polarisrxacademy.com facility staff and administration can complete their continuing education online. Webinars are available 24/7 if facility staff is unable to participate in the live presentations.

Pharmacy Locations

Why Polaris?

We are committed to servicing people, your residents, and your staff. Our dedicated team of compassionate pharmacists and technicians are here to ensure your medication orders are filled accurately, timely, and with urgency. We are not only sensitive to your financial and regulatory challenges, we take time to listen to your specific needs. We provide personal service catered specifically to your residents, staff, and facility.


  • Local & Independently Owned
  • No Corporate Maze
  • Talk to People who Care
  • Talk to Decision-Makers


  • Automated HIPAA Compliant Communication
  • Pre-Admission Cost Assessment of Prescriptions
  • Therapeutic Interchange Program
  • Customized Fill Quantities
  • High Cost Prescription Alerts

Cost Management

As your pharmacy provider, we understand the reality and impact of the costs associated with providing quality patient care. With cutting edge clinical and financial tools, our clients are able to manage, control, and forecast their medication spend. Additionally, we have a dedicated team comprised of pharmacists, nurse consultants, and billing specialists that work directly with your facility and admitting physicians to assist and inform regarding medication therapy and cost.

EHR & System Interfaces

Interfacing facilitates the creation of a two-way data interchange to the pharmacy provider, enabling prescription and medication orders along with resident Admission, Discharge, Transfer (ADT) information, to transmit between your facility and Polaris Pharmacy Services.

Click here for current eMAR/EHR interfaces
  • Secure and HIPAA compliant text messages and attachments
  • Verification with alerts, notifications, and time stamping
  • Ability to add/remove users from conversations
  • Camera feature for taking and sending secure images within the app (no image stored on device)
  • Cloud based so messages stay synchronized

Step 1

  • Pharmacy sends invite to facility staff.
  • Staff signs up creating their own individual password & encryption key.
  • Software is web based or App based on iPhone & Android.

Step 2

  • As facility members sign up they can connect with our pharmacy staff by requesting connections.
  • Pharmacy can request connections with facility staff as well.

Step 3

  • PolarisDirect can be used to communicate any issues including:

    - High Cost Drugs
    - Non-Covered Issues
    - Therapeutic Substitutions
  • PolarisDirect also allows for sending PHI on an encrypted platform.


The number one contributing factor for hospital re-admissions is due to medication non-compliance. Polaris will dispense using Resident Compliance Packaging.
Residents are confused over which medications to take and when. Polaris will Educate.
With PolarisToGo you can ensure residents are taking their medications appropriately. Polaris will Follow Up.

Step 1

  • Pharmacy works with Facility Discharge Planner for pertinent patient information such as discharge date, contact information and Home Health Arrangements.
  • Nurse selects medications to be filled for discharge via PolarisConnect and submits to pharmacy.
  • Pharmacy requests Rx from Physician.

Step 2

  • After obtaining all necessary discharge information Pharmacy will contact Home Health if necessary.
  • Pharmacy will fill orders and deliver to facility to ensure timely arrival prior to patient departure.

Step 3

  • 2 days after discharge the patient will be contacted by Polaris Pharmacy. Pharmacy will review medications and any questions the patient may have.
  • Depending on Home Health arrangements Pharmacy will follow up 7 & 21 days after discharge to avoid readmissions.



Value Added Services

Consultant Pharmacist

Medication Regimen Review

Survey Preparation

On-site Support For:

Annual Survey

Med Pass Observation


Nursing Support (RN)

Med Pass Observations

In-Services & Education

Survey Preparation

Facility Support

Customer Care Rep

Single Point of Contact

PolarisConnect Web Portal Training

Focus Visits

Med Cart/Room Inspections


Customer Care

Pharmacist to accurately review and process your
medication orders.

Our Billing Specialists will be an integral part of helping you
to contain costs.

Consultant Pharmacists to enhance the quality of care for
your residents.

Survey Preparation, our on staff RN will help you and your
team prepare for your annual survey.

Educational offerings focuses on delivering practical and
pertinent education for caregivers.

Working with our dedicated Account Managers you will
benefit from outstanding support and training service.


Polaris Pharmacy Services utilizes FrameworkLTC as its operating platform. Please see the list below for interfaces already completed.

  • Accuflo
  • ADL Systems, Inc.
  • Almsa (Yardi)
  • American Health Tech (AHT)
  • American Data-EC
  • Answers on Demand (AOD)
  • Blue Step BridgeGate
  • Blue Step iMAR
  • Bluestrata
  • Catalyst RMS
  • Chartmeds
  • cueSHIFT
  • Collian Healthcare LG CNS EHR

  • Daverci
  • Eldermark
  • Epic
  • Exactmed iMAR
  • Extended Care PRO (ECP)
  • HealthMEDX (Vision)
  • Imagin MedDispense
  • iCareManager
  • MDI Achieve Matrix
  • Med Management Tech (WIP)
  • Medright by Emissary Technologies (WIP)
  • MedTelligent by Alis
  • Netsmart’s Avatar

  • NextGen
  • NTT Keane
  • QuickMar
  • Optimus EMR
  • PioneerAMCS
  • Point Click Care
  • Reliable Health EHR
  • ResiDex
  • Sigma Care for Long Term care
  • Yardi Yardi
  • Sushoo AL
  • Sushoo SNF

Formulary Management

Therapeutic Area
  • ACE Inhibitors
  • Short-acting Beta Agonist Inhaler
  • Antidepressant
  • Antidepressant
  • Antidepressant
  • Angiotensin Receptor Blockers (ARBs)


  • Alpha-2 Agonist Ophthalmic Solution

Target Medications
  • Higher priced ACE Inhibitors
  • ProAir HFA® and Proventil HFA®
  • Pristiq®
  • fluoxetine tablets (gen.)
  • venlafaxine ER tablets (gen.)
  • Atacand®, candesartan, irbesartan, Avapro®, Benicar®, Micardis®, telmisartan,Teveten®, Edarbi®, valsartan and Diovan®
  • Atacand HCT®, candesartan HCT, Avalide®, irbesartan HCT, Benicar HCT®, Teveten HCT®, telmisartan HCT, Edarbychlor™, valsartan HCT, and Diovan HCT®
  • Alphagan P® 0.1%, 0.15% Brimonidine tartrate 0.15%
Select Agent
  • lisinopril (gen.)
  • Ventolin HFA®
  • desvenlafaxine
  • fluoxetine capsules (gen.)
  • venlafaxine XR capsules (gen.)
  • losartan (gen.)

  • losartan/HCTZ (gen.)

  • Brimonidine tartrate 0.2% (gen.)


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